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How to Refresh Your Color at Home | Toning Masks

Alright alright alright…you keep seeing all these cool new products come out; between magazine ads, that hot trendy influencer’s latest finds, or maybe you were walking through a big box beauty retailer like Ulta or Sephora? It’s overwhelming! It's hard to know, do I NEED this too? I’m here to help you solve your hair color challenge; or perhaps, add a little sass to your normal routine. You want to help preserve your investment of gorgeous hair color.

Let's talk toning masks.

Professional stylists recommend products that will help keep your hair healthy, but what reasons would you need a color toning mask? Simply put, they deposit color to either enhance a tone or counteract a tone, giving you gorgeous hair color.

Washing your hair with harsh detergents, swimming in chlorinated or salt water, exposure to the elements, heat styling, chemical damage all contributes to color fading quickly, so why not take the time to give you hair a little love once or twice a week? The more you use the, the bolder the color will be.

Let’s pretend you just get hour hair color and it’s sooo pretty but after some time goes by and life happens, it’s fading! It’s getting brassy or losing the original tone that you were loving at first.

Toning masks can be a great supplement if you can’t get in for a toner in between color appointments.

Blondes who want more of an icier, ashier tone should use Mysterious Purple.

For buttery golden tones, try Divine Gold.

Brunettes will love Authentic Chestnut and Fantasy.

Vivid clients will want to use which ever color correlates with their desired tone.

Pro-tip: let them sit on for longer color deposit. Also - use plastic disposable gloves if you have some at home; they can be a bit messy and possibly stain hands.

Check out these gorgeous color swatches and be sure to ask any stylist at Elevate which one is right for you! You can help support your stylist by ordering from their affiliate link in their Instagram bio.

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