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Overland Park Hairstylist | An Interview with Carley Martin Verbeck

curly girl method hairstylist in kansas city missouri

M: Hi, Carley! Thanks for hanging out with me today. I know our audience is super excited to learn more about you!

Let's start at the beginning, What led you to a career in hair?

C: I've always been attracted to the element of creating; since a child, I've been drawn to the medium of makeup and hair!

Very cool. I love that this is a lifelong dream for you! We both know that it's not all sunshine and roses, what is it that keeps you coming back, even after the hard days?

I love putting a smile on people's faces, and getting to be a part of the Elevate family.

This is the best answer. Our Elevate family is pretty awesome. So, if you left this career, where would you see yourself?

The music business!

I hope our clients all get the chance to hear your band play soon! Is there a service or technique you have a special passion for?

I love working with curly hair!! And painting highs and lows with color.

That's a challenging passion, curls can be tricky! This curly human loves it, though. Would you share with us what your long-term career aspirations are?

Blonde woman smiles as she drive around the Kansas City Missouri area.

I'd love to eventually go in to educating, but for now I'm building my amazing clientele as a stylist behind the chair.

What is one style/color you have yet to give a client but would love to?

An old school punk rock mohawk!

Ok, that's a cool one. I hope you get to do one soon!! Imagine it's your day off. What can we find you doing?

Chasing my 3 year old, cooking delicious food, being outside hiking and exploring, playing music.

Love that. Tell me, if you could choose an ideal person to come visit your chair who would it be?

Anyone who is laid back and likes to enjoy life :)

Sounds good, I'll come see you tomorrow!! Tell me this, if you had to pick just one product from the salon to take with you on a trip, which would it be?

New Wash by Hairstory - this has changed my life!

Ooh, that's a good one. I think all of us are hooked on New Wash! Is there anything you want to share with clients who maybe haven't been in to Elevate yet but are curious?

Stop in for a tour; we'd be happy to show you the space and set you up with the perfect stylist.

Yes! Please come visit! What is your favorite part of working at Elevate?

I love the clean, non-toxic environment, focus on healthy hair, and supportive teammates.

Finally, if there was a word or phrase that illustrated your style of serving clients, what would that be?

Life is too short for boring hair!

Carley can be found at Elevate Organic Hair Salon on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9AM-5PM and every other Saturday 10AM-4PM. To book with Carley click here or learn more about her here!

An Interview with our stylist Carley Martin Verbeck who works at Elevate Organic Hair Salon in Downtown Overland Park Kansas.

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