Are you Rethinking your Career?

YES! We are hiring at Elevate. Schedule a virtual hangout to discuss what Elevate has to offer stylists! You might just love it!

Commission Pay Structure

We take care of the business side of things so that you can focus on your craft


Make your own schedule

Work the hours that fit your schedule. This is perfect for those who have families, side hustles, or need a flexible schedule.

Unlimited Time Off

If you need a little time off, TAKE IT! This is perfect for those of us that have families, side hustles, or like to have a flexible schedule.


Session Artists

A session artist books appointments in blocks of time. This creates a simple booking process and helps to customize the guest's appointment time to their needs.  You determine your hourly price and you determine your income! You are also encouraged to specialize in doing what you love.

Consider this an Open Relationship

No contracts and no non-competes! We have an open-door policy and have no problems with you free lancing or working at other salons. 


Education and Coaching

We are here to help you succeed. There are so many opportunities and tools at Elevate. Monthly one on one career coaching and free educational events are available to you. You are also free to observe or shadow stylists during your downtime or days off!