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Do More Good

Be the change you wish

to see in the world.

Community Support

We believe in doing our best to support those doing good in our community. This page is a collection of non-profits we believe in and support. We've outlined a couple of reasons why we love them, links to read more, and a button to point you to where you can donate to them too! If you have a non-profit you think we should know about, email us!


Pay it Forward with Elevate

How it Works

In the spirit of Jillian Haun of The Beauty Project Salon Elevate has developed a Pay it Forward program to help deal directly with the inequity that exists in our Kansas City community. This program offers our guests to directly support someone in need with their monetary gift and those who cannot afford it to recieve services from our talented stylists. This program also ensures our stylists are compensated while being of service.

We believe in sustainability, community, and mutual aid for all. This is that.

Pay it Forward is not a registered 501(c)3 entity and donations do not qualify for a tax credit. 100% of the funds go directly to services for the recipient.

Want to become a sponsor? Click below to donate!

Know someone who would benefit from this program? Apply below!


Rose Brooks Center

What they do

Rose Brooks ​Center is committed to being a shelter for those experiencing Domestic Violence, connecting victims with resources, empowering community members to step in in safe ways, and breaking the cycle of Domestic Violence.

Some of the services they provide our community are:

  • Emergency shelter for DV victims

  • Emergency pet shelter for the pets of DV victims

  • Children's programs to help support their physical and emotional wellbeing

  • Medical care through partnerships with local hospitals and clinics

  • Therapy services

  • Court and economic advocacy

Pride Haven Inc

What they do

Pride Haven is an overnight shelter that is affirming and accepting, providing shelter to transition-aged youth (18-25) facing homelessness. 

Some of the services they provide our community are:

  • Case management

  • Housing/Job assistance

  • Meals

  • Showers

  • Laundry

  • Mental Health/Medical Referrals

  • Group activities

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