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Your Summer Hair Care Guide

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It's summertime and time for us to be outdoors, in the pool, on vacation, at beaches and all the fun summertime activities. Our hair is looking awesome because we just got some killer highlights, balayage, or extensions. You're totally feeling yourself and you do all the things. Including hitting the pool or the beach. Your hair starts to feel a little dry, your toner or color is completely faded, your scalp is burnt, and your extensions are tangled. What did the heck happen?

Sun, pool (salt & chlorine), over washing with the wrong cleanser, and under washing can all cause what we call seasonal dryness. With every season change, our hair and scalps are subjected to those seasonal activities. Winter, we have hot tool damage, low humidity, and warmer showers. We all know what summer brings, so I'm going to guide you in how to protect your investment over the summer months.

It's pool day! You have highlights/balayage/hair color on your hair. You definitely don't want your color fading or your hair turning green from the chlorine. Follow these tips if you want to get your hair in the water:

  1. Go into the water with your hair already wet with NON-pool water. Think of your hair like a sponge. With your hair already absorbing the water from home it won't have all the capacity dry hair has to soak up a ton of pool water. Spraying in a detangler or leave-in conditioner will give you even more protection.

  2. No tight ponytails if you are getting your hair wet in the pool. The elastic can cause breakage.

  3. Cleanse your hair with a clarifying cleanser or rinse ASAP, after being in the pool. This will keep the pool chemicals from settling in and causing any damage. Go for a quick moisturizing hair mask for extra love.

It's game day. You know you'll be out in the sun all day and you just got your roots touched up. Sun can oxidize your color and you will get fading or completely lose your toner.

  1. WEAR A HAT!

  2. Use a sunblock on your scalp to keep from getting sunburnt.

  3. Use color protect sprays like Oway Color Protect Veil.

  4. Waiting for 48 hrs after your color appointment before washing or sun exposure.

If your wearing extensions it is super important to pay extra attention to the maintenance of your extensions during the summer and what the manufacture of your extensions recommends. Your stylist will have access to that information and be letting you know upfront with each install what those are.

  1. NEVER get your extensions wet. Lake, pool, river, or ocean. I have seen extensions ruined because of this and they are a pretty penny!

  2. Wear a high pony (ask your stylist if you are not sure how) or a low braid with a hat.

  3. The sun will fade your extensions which may mean that your extensions may need color maintenance sooner than normal.

  4. Brush, brush, brush. Brush 3 times a day for the perfect hair.

  5. NEVER wear a wet ponytail. This is a surefire way for your extensions to mat and tangle. ALL ponytails should be worn when the hair is completely dry.

I hope this helps you have the perfect hair all summer long! Drop in the comments below if you have any questions.

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