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Resetting Your Hair | How to Fix Damage

Your hair is dry, frizzy, breaking and you’re unsure what to do.

Before you start buying new products or treatments to do for your hair, you need to identify what your hair needs. This will help you to get the right products so your hair will feel healthier.

There are different kinds of damage your hair might have:


Heat damage occurs from the excessive use of hot tools or blow-drying hair without a heat protectant. Signs you might have heat damage would be dryness or dullness, frizz, and roughness in texture. Moisture products can help with frizz and dryness but the best thing would be to invest in a good heat protectant so you can prevent this altogether.


Chemical damage can be from any color, lightening, perm, or relaxing service. Chemical damage will cause a lack of elasticity, or a dramatic change in thickness. Your hair will need more protein and moisture to balance the hair.


Mechanical damage is caused by not handling your hair with care, which could be from wearing braids or ponytails to tight or rough brushing. You will see breakage around where you put your ponytail or around your hairline. Getting a trim and a strengthening treatment will help prevent further breakage.


If your hair is feeling dry, brittle, or breaking off you need more moisture in your hair. Hair types that are more likely to be lacking moisture are wavy, curly, or coily hair is coarse. You can tell if you have coarse hair if one hair strand feels like a string of thread. Your hair could also be more frizzy when it doesn’t have enough moisture.

Product recommendations for moisture:

Innersense - Hydrating hair mask, sweet spirit leave-in conditioner, Inner peace whipped creme texturizer

Hair Story - New wash, hair balm, or dressed up

Reverie - Eros Resurrection hair mask and the Milk

Salon recommendations:

Ask your stylist to try our Infared Iron that uses negative ions to seal moisture in hair and limit frizz


Hair that stretches and doesn’t return back to its original length or that feels gummy cotton candy-like needs protein. Most lightened hair will need protein added back to the hair. Hair masks will be your best friend. Be sure you don’t use too much protein because the hair can become brittle and straw-like.

Product recommendations for protein:

Oway - Rebuilding Hair Bath and Mask

Innersense - Pure Harmony Hairbath and conditioner

Hair Story - New Wash

Reverie - Ever Recover Hair Oil

Salon recommendations:

Add a treatment to your next appointment

Need a trim

You might just need a trim if your hair is getting tangly or if the ends are getting see-through. There is not much more you can do to hair that has split ends besides cutting them off so the split doesn't travel up the hair strand.

Need help reaching your hair goals? Struggling with damage? Let one of our experts at Elevate help you wade through exactly how to get back on track. Request your next appointment today!

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