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Product Showdown: CULT+KING | JELLY VS STYLE

Of our product lines, I must admit that CULT+KING is tied for my top favorite. With a commitment to sustainability, ingredient transparency,  plastic-free packaging, and small business, they’re a dreamy company to work with. Not to mention their packaging?? Stunning.

JELLY and STYLE are two standout products that are incredible for styling, but which one should you choose?

What are they?

JELLY is a Pink Himalayan texture infusion. C+K says we can consider this a sea salt spray reborn. Instead of a crunchy texture, JELLY is packed with hydrating, botanical goodness that creates beautiful texture in all hair types. It’s especially good for wavy and curly hair.

STYLE makes most hair types more manageable. It’s great for both forming or hand styling AND shaping or blow outs. STYLE works beautifully as both a curl cream as well as a general style product that is great for anyone affected by humidity with its water soluble wax.

What are the star ingredients?

JELLY features three types of salt including the star, Pink Himalayan, alongside Linden Flower Bud Extract, Aloe, Banana Juice, Blueberry, and Butterfly Pea. Formulated in a serum instead of a spray, it was created to ensure a beautiful soft hold.

STYLE’s star is the water soluble wax that creates a hold and smoothes frizz along with beautiful moisturizers like Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Radish Seed Extract. This vegan formulation creates a beautiful crunch-free hold while avoiding petrochemical-based PVP.

How are they used?

Whether you’re an air dry person or a blow dry person, JELLY is a gorgeous formula for anyone seeking texture. It can be scrunched into damp hair at the roots for lift and through waves and curls for a beautiful, simple air dry routine. C+K products are meant to play well with each other and JELLY is no exception. Cocktail it with BALM for a big, voluminous blowout or use it on dried hair to amp up the texture.

STYLE can be used for hand styling, beginning with a dime-sized amount to scrunch, pinch, or pull before an air dry. It’s also a great option for smoothing and anti-frizz before a blowout by raking it through the hair before applying heat. It coats and protects the hair against humidity without silicones, making it an excellent choice for curls and waves!

While CULT+KING has a line of excellent products, these two superstars are incredibly versatile styling products that a wide variety of people could achieve their hair dreams with! Overall, if someone was looking for texture without the crunch, JELLY is their hero. If someone was looking for smoothing and anti-frizz, STYLE is the one. Bonus: USE BOTH! Mixing these beautiful products will create frizz control AND beautiful texture.

Want to give them a try?

Affiliate Disclosure: Elevate Organic Salon + Spa does make a small commission for each product purchased through these links. We appreciate your support as a small business! This is an excellent way to support us without any added cost to you. Thank you!

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