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How to Bring Sustainability to Your Life

With Earth Day approaching, we wanted to raise awareness about some important issues. It's no secret that Elevate is a sustainable, eco-friendly salon. But what exactly does that mean? Our goal here at Elevate is to create an eco-friendly environment that benefits not only our clients and the Elevate team but also fosters a better future for our children and grandchildren. With a surge of micro-trends in recent years leading to increased consumerism,working in the beauty industry, hasn’t been easy, as we know the industry has become quite wasteful, This trend results in more waste in our already wasteful industry, which, on average, releases 500 million shampoo bottles (yes, just shampoo bottles) into our landfills every year. And that's not even counting the packaging from all the other products out there. But why does this matter? It matters because this waste ends up in our landfills, which are filling up more and more rapidly each day. Items in our landfills can take up to 450 years to decompose, as well as emit methane gas into our atmosphere, harming the ozone layer.

You may be wondering what Elevate does about this. As an organic salon conscious about the waste we produce and the amount of product we consume, we take several steps to address these issues. Starting with recycling! At Elevate, we recycle just about everything, from hair to the foils we use. We make a concerted effort to recycle as much as we can with each and every client, including foils, the hair we cut, plastics from our color bottles, paper products, and leftover hair color. Another thing we do at Elevate is make sure we source our products from organic brands that care not only about how they source their ingredients but also about how much waste they generate. Some of our favorite brands at Elevate include Cult King, Reverie, Green Envee, and Innersense. We are also conscious about other products not necessarily related to our services, such as using toilet paper wrapped in paper we can recycle, and using mostly compostable items on our food/drink station. We also use cleaning products, and hair color with less harsh chemicals, and much more! We are constantly trying to find new ways to reduce our waste each and every day.

Now, what can you do at home? Start by recycling. There are so many things that can be recycled that we use daily that end up in the trash, such as metals, papers, or even glass (which is one of the only materials that is infinitely recyclable)! You can also make an effort by getting a compost bin, there are tons of different types of compost services available locally around the the KC metro, like Compost Collective KC and KC Can Compost  being mindful of the amount of products you use and buy, and using “the less is more” mindset when it comes to cleaning, beauty, and haircare products are great areas to start a more eco-conscious lifestyle, One way to start your sustainable living journey is, as you run out of your old products start switching them out for more sustainable options. Being sustainable is something we can all incorporate into our everyday lives, just switching out small behaviors. So join us here at Elevate and start living your most sustainable life!

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