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Five Faves | Where to Virtually Work in KC 2024

Woman sits at a Kansas City-based coffee shop working remotely for her virtual or work from home position.

Virtual work is still here in a big way. While it’s nice to sit in bed getting things done, more and more we’re seeing Freelancers and people who work from home venturing out to work into a community space. We are huge fans of supporting local businesses so we’ve rounded up five of our fave spots to work from around the city. 

Hours: Sunday 7 AM–9 PM

Monday 7 AM–4 PM

Tuesday 7 AM–9 PM

Wednesday 7 AM–9 PM

Thursday 7 AM–9 PM

Friday 7 AM–11 PM

Saturday 7 AM–11 PM

Menu Offerings: Coffee | Baked Items | Cereal | Cocktails

Neighborhood: River Market

Overview: Excellent spot open later than most shops, great energy. Ample spaces to work. Invite a friend!


Sunday Closed 

Monday 7 AM–2 PM

Tuesday 7 AM–2 PM

Wednesday 7 AM–2 PM

Thursday 7 AM–2 PM

Friday 7 AM–2 PM

Saturday 7 AM–2 PM

Menu Offerings: Coffee | Tea | Baked Items | Killer Burritos

Neighborhood: Waldo

Overview: A hidden gem that practices “Midwestern Modesty” serving house-roasted espresso and pour over coffees. Don’t miss the Blackberry Juniper latte or try one of their imaginative seasonal offerings.


Sunday 7 AM–6 PM

Monday 7 AM–10 PM

Tuesday 7 AM–10 PM

Wednesday 7 AM–10 PM

Thursday 7 AM–10 PM

Friday 7 AM–11 PM

Saturday 7 AM–11 PM

Menu Offerings: Coffee | Baked Items | Ice Cream | Cocktails

Neighborhood: Brookside/Fairway

Overview: No matter which location you may happen to visit, you’ll be greeted with the coziest setting for whatever you’re working on. Open later most days, this is another excellent option for those working “after hours”.


Sunday 8 AM–3 PM

Monday 7 AM–5 PM

Tuesday 7 AM–5 PM

Wednesday 7 AM–5 PM

Thursday 7 AM–5 PM

Friday 7 AM–5 PM

Saturday 8 AM–3 PM

Menu Offerings: Coffee | Baked Items | Breakfast Sandwiches

Neighborhood: Downtown

Overview: Opting out of single-use cups, Oddly serves their coffees in reusable glass even if it’s to go. We love a company focused on sustainability. They also offer alternative milks at no extra cost! Count us in.

Hours: Sunday 9 AM–6:30 PM

Monday 6:30 AM–9 PM

Tuesday 6:30 AM–9 PM

Wednesday 6:30 AM–9 PM

Thursday 6:30 AM–9 PM

Friday 6:30 AM–10 PM

Saturday 6:30 AM–10 PM

Menu Offerings: Coffee | Tea | Baked Items | Sandwiches

Neighborhood: Crossroads/Parkville

Overview: The Crossroads location is a fave of our admin team, Rochester offers delicious coffees, beautiful teas, and pastries perfect for snacking. With plenty of light, plenty of electrical outlets, and lots of good energy it’s perfect for extended study or working sessions.

While this list is only five spots , we are surrounded by so many beautiful coffee shops in Kansas City including Café Cà Phê, Café Ollama, and Post Coffee Co. Did you favorite make the cut? What is your favorite hidden gem?

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