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Post Holiday Detox

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

What does detox have to do with your hair? Stress, diet, dry air, and an intense daily life put the balance of your body at risk. This not only affects your body but your hair as well. Anything going on within the body comes out in the scalp and the hair.

Signs of stress on the scalp can turn up in many ways. A dry, tight, itchy scalp is a definite sign of a lack of moisture. Itchiness and flakes can mean something systemically is happening and its surfacing on the scalp. I will definitely be writing another post on different scalp conditions and how to identify them, but for now, I wanted to give you a quick remedy to get you through the rest of the dry season and to calm the symptoms of a stressful lifestyle that can come post-holiday season.

I want to introduce you to Oway's Herb & Clay Peeling Cleanser. Peeling plus detox cleaning in a single revolutionary salon treatment. The OW regenerating experience that frees you from stress and toxins and restores vitality to the scalp and hair, preventing imbalances and problems in them. Exclusive wellness right at the shampoo bowl. 100% natural cleansing peeling which combines the medicinal effectiveness of biodynamic savory leaves and horsetail stems with the purifying and detoxifying virtues of Amazonian Pink Clay and soap nuts, the aromatherapeutic power of natural biodynamic essential oil blends.

This treatment is an easy add on to your next service. Book Here today to experience the Herbs and Clay Peeling Treatment.

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Sep 19, 2022

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