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Do I Really Need a Treatment?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

In-salon or at home, treatments can seem like one extra thing you have to add to your current hair care routine. So, do you really need them? And will adding a treatment to your routine make a difference in your hair's feeling, texture, health, and manageability? Is it worth it?

Let's go over the typical treatments that you hear about. First, we have Moisturizing Treatments. Moisturizing treatments are great if your hair is dry, brittle, or you are prone to seasonal dryness. Your daily shampoo and conditioner typically are not going to supply your hair with the proper amount of moisture your hair needs if you are prone to dryness (unless you are using Hairstory New Wash 😉). A quick fix at home is a once-a-week moisturizing hair mask. Innersense Hydrating Hair Mask is one of our favorites to recommend to our guests. Done once a week on mids to ends could make a big impact on your hair. If you are heavy on the hot tools or have low porosity hair an in-salon treatment can give your hair a great power punch of moisture. At Elevate we provide a special treatment from Oway, called the Infrared Rebuilding Treatment. This treatment is customizable for your hair type. We mix Hyalurminerals with Rebuilding Serum. This treatment has a concentrated dose of hyaluronic acid with carries 100% times the water weight of H20. The Infrared Iron pushes this deep into the hair healing the hair from the inside out. This particular treatment can also be mixed with Ceramides which help heal broken protein bonds in the hair. This is perfect for those that need protein treatments.

Protein Treatments are another treatment that can be so helpful if you are coloring, specifically lightening your hair. If you're doing a lot of blonding or vivids it's important to do the Infrared Rebuilding Treatments in between your blonding sessions and adding an additional routine at home like Oway's Rebuilding Hair Mask or Phytoprotein Mist.

Another popular treatment term you here is Clarifying Treatments. Looking up the definition of clarify you'll find the meaning to be: make pure and clean. These treatments are great for product build-up if you're going long stretches between cleaning, you are a swimmer, or if you've been on a lot of medications. A clarifying treatment will help clean the hair and can give more bounce and shine. A great home treatment is our DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse, and for additional purifying, a treatment in the salon will really help. Clarifying shampoos like Oway's Purifying Hair Bath for Oily or Dry Scalps work well too.

This leads to the last type of treatment I will touch on. Scalp Treatments are important to tie into your routine depending on your scalp and the issues you have. We've all suffered from dry scalp once in a while. Hormones, stress, allergies, and seasonal dryness to name a few can lead to the need to do a scalp treatment. Our favorite treatment in the salon for a healthy scalp is our Herbs and Clay Scalp Detox. This treatment by Oway is customized by the phases of the moon. A gentle cleansing of the scalp with essential oils, Amazonian clay, and soap nuts nourishes the scalp, gently exfoliates and calms the senses. Your precious follicles have a home in your scalp and you want to make sure that home is nourished and full of good blood flow to feed those little follicle babies. And most likely, if you've sat in one of our chairs, you've heard us talk of Cult and King's Tonik, This lovely scalp potion is full of goodness like, their proprietary blueberry tincture, salicylic acid, and menthol crystals. Perfect for a perfect healthy scalp.

As you may notice we are on board with treatments! Whether you are coloring, using hot tools, exposed to outside elements, using medications, or under stress, your hair and scalp need your love and attention! Please contact us if you have any questions about what particular treatment would be best for you!

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