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Retail-Light Hair Salon | Why We Don't Fully Stock Product

Anyone who has been into Elevate knows we are unafraid to be different in the salon culture. For years it has been an expectation that salons stock lots of products to sell on their shelves and we opted into that in the beginning of our journey. As we grow, things change, and we decided to shake it up with retail.

Ease of Ordering

The brands we partner with make it super simple to order direct from them and ship right to your door. At the end of your appointment, we'll grab our iPad and build your cart right there in the chair. No searching, no trying to remember what we used, no issues! BONUS: you also have your stylist right there to make suggestions for products we love that you can add on.

Lower Carbon Footprint

As a salon that is truly eco-friendly, we're always looking for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. When we looked at the number of shipments we got per week in order to keep up with inventory, we said no more. Even with waiting to consolidate shipping as much as we could, we were getting 3-4 shipments a week. We put an end to that. By going retail-light we've reduced our carbon footprint by over 50%!

Refill Program

Keeping with our commitment to sustainability, we'd love you to visit the salon and re-use the containers you already have! Our Oway refill bar is always available to you. Come hang out and get your product refilled in the meantime.

So, what does "retail-light" mean?

It means we'll be stocking and highlighting one product per month. We want to show off the new, the best, and our favorites. You'll find our product of the month on our social media, in our newsletter, and in salon all month long.

We know it's different but we also know you're used to us being different. We're unapologetic in our pursuit of a better world and a better way to do beauty. We're so grateful you're here for it too.

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