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Overland Park Hairstylist | Interview with Cara Peterson

J: Hey, Cara! Thanks for taking some time to chat with me today. We're excited for you to share some of your passion with our clients.

We'll start at the beginning, What led you to a career in hair?

C: Being frustrated with the lack of curly hair knowledge in beauty professionals.

That's huge, there's definitely a large lack of knowledge amongst stylists. Especially since most cosmetology schools teach techniques for straight hair only. With any career there are some struggles...would you share with us what keeps you coming back even on the hard days?

The joy on my clients' face when their hair matches their personality, style AND suitability.

Honestly, that's what it's all about. Let's say one day your path takes you somewhere new, what would you see yourself doing?

Likely tattooing or working on vintage motorcycles.

Yeah, that fits for you. Love that. So, are there any services or techniques that you have a specific passion for?

Razor cuts, specifically shags & mullets! I also love experimenting with challenging hair types (super-fine or super curly) and lived-in color.

Love that you love a challenge. What are your long-term career aspirations?

To create a community where everyone feels empowered to embrace their natural hair type.

This is incredibly important in our field! There's such a huge lack of knowledge surrounding curls and textured hair, creating spaces for those hair types is vital. Is there one style or color that you'd love to give a client but haven't yet?

Super edgy shaved mullet and more alternative color blocking.

We're calling that in for you. Let's say you have a day off...where can we find you?

Riding my motorcycle, tending to my garden or listening to live music.

Sounds like a fun time. If you had to nail down an ideal client, who would you say that person is?

My ideal client is someone who wants to embrace their hair's texture and super shaggy razor cut. Someone who loves intellectual growth, spiritual awareness, all different kinds of music and appreciates genuine kindness.

That sounds like an incredible person and perfect for you. If you had to pick one product from the salon to take on a road trip, what would it be?

Intelligent Curl Reviving Spray and Hairstory Hair Balm (sorry I can’t live without either)

Fair enough, those are both incredible products. We'll just let that slide. If someone reading this has been lurking and hasn't visited Elevate yet, what would you tell them?

Elevate is an oasis for love, recharging, and openness. Never have I worked for a place that has been so welcoming and bright. As long as you come in with kind intentions and an open heart, you will find your home within Elevate!

We totally agree! What is your favorite part of working at Elevate?

Being able to embrace my authentic self and having a team who supports me! It really feels like Elevate is my family ❤️

We love being your family and having you here. Last question before you go, if there was a word or phrase that best illustrated the way you serve clients, what would that be?

I would say my style of serving is genuine. I want to make sure you are truly comfortable yet not being nagged on like I’m just “selling” products/services. I want to help my clients find their perfect routine and maintenance it when needed.

Cara sound like the fit for you? Incredible. Check out her booking link here.

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