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Instant Length and Volume | De-Mystifying Extensions

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Lots of people want beautiful, flowing merperson hair but growing it out can take years! Enter: extensions. This is the process where a stylist will use tying, beads, tape, or some other method to affix hair to your natural hair. It can get overwhelming if you have never done it before! When it comes to hair extensions, do you get scared?

From the appointment to the maintenance and everything in between, sometimes the process of extensions can be a mystery.

It can be very overwhelming at first but as an extension specialist it is my job to walk you through everything to ensure your scalp health and your new hair!

We start off with a consultation. I'll ask questions like, "What are you wanting to achieve? Thicker and longer hair or just more volume?" Did you know you don’t have to have super long hair if you don’t want to? Extensions are great for those who just want some extra bounce. I will color match you and we can even add some lightness without having to do any sort of lifting or adding color. We can do it through the extensions!

We will order the hair right then and there. We order the hair through an ethical hair extension company called Philocaly. What that means is that the hair is donated from one individual who is getting paid a fair price to donate their hair. It's a dirty little secret that other companies sometimes get their hair from children and women who are kidnapped and are forced to cut their hair. They also may be paying incredibly low wages and exploiting those who are unable to make money in other ways. The ethics of hair extensions have been in question for a long time. We make sure to source in ways that treat everyone with respect.

The hair is also not chemically treated so no harsh acids or carpet dye is used on the extensions. It takes about a week to get the hair into the salon but it can take longer if the hair is 22” or longer.

We’ll also go ahead and book your appointment to install, this is the third step. It’s the most exciting part! These appointments can take about 4-5 hours because this is all customized to you.

For maintenance I will suggest products from our salon that will be great for both your hair and for your brand new extensions! I walk you through how to wash and blow dry your hair during the install appointment.

As a salon we recommend washing 2-3 times a week. You can always do a top wash, which means the hair above the second row will be washed so you don’t have to wash your whole entire head and extensions. This saves you some time and ensures there isn't too much wear on your extensions.

Oil will be used every day to ensure the moisture in your extensions! Your natural hair is attached to your scalp and receives moisture that way. This is why your hair tends to get oily after a while! We recommend adding oil to your extensions because the extensions don’t get that natural oil.

When going to bed you will braid your hair to keep your extensions from getting tangled. I recommend braids over a top bun as this creates less tension on the top of your head. I also recommend a silk pillow case to ensure less friction on your hair.

The main myth I want to debunk is that extensions are bad for your hair. Hair extensions are actually considered a protective style. They can allow your natural hair to grow in a few different ways! You use less heat which means less heat damage. Your hair is also being washed less. Braiding your hair at night also protects both your natural hair and your extensions because it’s less friction on the pillow case and you get a heatless wave for the next day! I have seen extensions be great for clients. I've seen the hair grow back, less heat on the hair and you get fuller and longer hair.

If you are considering extensions, let's talk! You can email me or the salon to chat about your hair goals and what they could look like for you.

Beautiful, luscious, and long locks could be in your future. Let's do this!

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