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Holiday Gift Guide: Support Small with Elevate!

Product development takes a lot of time, effort, and money that small, independent salons just don't have. That's why it's wonderful that we can find and affiliate ourselves with products that align with our goals and values.

Most of the time supporting us looks like coming in and having your hair done (which is the way, have you booked your next appointment? ;) ) but when we partner with brands we're able to offer you high-quality products that actually help support our salon!

By shopping through our links you're offering direct support to your favorite stylists and we are so grateful!

We've gathered up our product lines and ventured to give you a few of our top products from each brand. Tap the brand to shop with Elevate. Happy gift-giving and thank you for supporting small!

We carry Oway in our salon but Holistic Hair Tribe actually has multiple lines available, all with their commitment to using the purest certified organic ingredients whenever possible and leaving out the toxins. Their products are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and free from harsh and dangerous chemicals.

Our faves for the Holidays:

  • Solidu Grandma Said Shampoo Bar - Woodsy smell + super nourishing ingredients all in a bottle-free form!

  • Oway Curly Hair Mask Travel Size Mini- Lightweight + nourishing for the curly friend in your life - great stocking stuffer!

  • Oway Skin & Body Care Package - Organic products for skin + body make this set a real treat for any loved one!

This is one of our favorite lines in the salon for the aesthetic alone...not to mention the super-clean formulation, glass refillable packaging, and commitment to the earth and small businesses. Cult + King is where it's at.

Our faves for the Holidays:

  • The C+K Fab5 - This set of 5 mini-sized products will set up any haircare lover to try the best of the best from this brand and score a canvas tote!

  • Dark or Light Hair Powder - Everyone could use a refresh between washes and this hair powder is the best at absorbing oils! BONUS it comes in a dark formula for our dark-haired friends.

  • Wash - Waste-free packaging + clean product + all-in-one? The perfect gift.

This line is a favorite among stylists and celebrities alike! They leave out a huge list of things that aren't great for our bodies and put in only ethically harvested ingredients that are grown sustainably and without chemicals. Always gluten-free, cruelty-free, and non-GMO. This month they're also doing their Season of Giving where they donate 20% of online sales to different causes so you can do some good with your gifting too!

Our faves for the Holiays:

  • Hydrating Hair Mask - This is an incredible hair mask for any hair mask when your hair could use a boost of moisture.

  • Deeply Nourish Hair Ceremony - Perfect for anyone who is ready to take that next step in their self-care journey. This ceremony is an incredible drink of moisture for super dry or course hair.

  • Refresh Dry Shampoo - can use a good dry shampoo.

HairStory is an incredible brand with a very limited product line (with good reason!). Their New Wash is meant to replace your shampoo, conditioner, and any treatments you might do. It's a salon fave, especially for our curly friends.

Our faves for the Holidays:

  • Fitness Kit - For the yoga-lover or gym-goer in your life! The powder absorbs oil and hair balm resets your style after a sweat session.

  • Scalp Brush - Meant for use with New Wash to make sure your hair and scalp are clean! Imagine gifting someone a little scalp massage every time they shower...that's this!

  • New Wash Deep - Honestly, just give someone this product. It's incredible. That's all we got.

This brand comes to us from a co-founder of Aveda and his daughter. Dedicated to ingredient transparency as well as combining the best of science and nature, Intelligent has become a fast favorite since we began carrying it.

Our faves for the Holidays

  • Limited Edition Holiday Candle - Boost your self-care session by lighting this beautifully scented candle post-holiday gathering and wash it all away.

  • Pure Refresh-Mint Set - Everyone loves a little tingle on their scalp! This refreshing set can help you wake up in the morning or feel invigorated before bed.

  • Flex-Form Hair Spray - Perfect stocking stuffer! A finishing spray that isn't crunchy and smells divine.

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