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Elevating Salon Culture | How we are shifting things from the inside out

If you've ever been into Elevate you've experienced the unique energy that we've created. That's not an accident.

Intentionally curating our space and the energy within begins with our internal policies and guidance. We believe that in order to have a beautiful company culture we must begin with those who carry the business daily. That's our incredible stylists.


We believe in working together as a team while maintaining our independent boundaries. We understand that Elevate cannot run without everyone working together and we understand how quickly that can spin out into co-dependence. We encourage stylists to respect everyone's limitations while pitching in to help keep our collaborative space clean and operating smoothly.

Open, Clear Communication

One of our committments to our stylists and our clients is communication that is open and clear. We hold the standard of remaining true to our word. If something is promised, it is expected. This means when our stylists set their schedule they're expected to honor that. If our stylists schedule time off, we're expected to honor that. Our leadership also openly communicates daily expectations and needs of the business so our stylists can step in and help. With clients we do our best to communicate time, pace, and pricing of their services and honor that.

Hourly Pricing + No Gratuity

These go hand-in-hand. We created our no gratuity policy for a few reasons. One is the history of gratuity in our country. The other is combined with why we chose hourly pricing vs pricing per service. We want our stylists to make a thriving wage that they set. Gratuity depends on an awkward conversation at the end of the service...hourly pricing our stylists can confidently tell their clients, "This is what your service will cost," and move on with no pause, no expectation, no ties to the tip left to them. Energetically this places an incredible amount of mutual respect between our clients and their stylists and works beautifully in our space.

Client Promises

When a client books with us we take that as a serious honor. Upon booking we have four promises that we keep:

  1. Clear, concise communication

  2. Healthy hair

  3. A safe salon environment

  4. Comfort

We work very hard to keep these promises by continuing to learn new techniques for hair health, use the highest quality nontox products, ensuring our communication is honest and open, and always finding new ways we can hold safe, comfortable spaces for you.

Green Circle Certified

We believe it's vital that the beauty industry shift to a more sustainable and earth-friendly way of operation. While we do understand that the main contributors to global climate change are large corporations, we also understand that if an entire industry pulled together and demanded change we'd see shifts from these big corporation.

Being Green Circle Certified is important to us for keeping trash out of landfills, diverting liquid waste from our waterways, and creating new solutions to ocean pollution with the hair we recycle. For more info on Green Circle Salons, click here!


We deeply believe that words have incredible power. While this policy is definitely a unique one, we believe in eliminating gossip within our salon space. Gossip can be any number of things from sharing private information that may hurt a coworker to speaking poorly of ourselves and our performance! Every stylists who works with us knows our policy of no gossip and we work hard to maintain that boundary and shift this expectation within our community.

Creating an experience worthy of our clients returning again and again is what drives us to maintain these boundaries and create policies that support a positive, calm, open, and creative energetic space. We want our salon to be a little reprieve from the everyday and a place you feel at ease.

Haven't experienced the Elevate difference yet? Tap here to see our New Client page with tons of info on your first appointment! We cannot wait to see you.

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