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Elevated Self Care | The Vision of Difference at Elevate

Jenn Doppelt looks to the left, leaning out of the front door of Elevate Organic Salon and Spa located in Mission, KS

Elevate wasn’t founded to make money.

Obviously, making money had to be part of it because we all need money to live. However, there are many other ways to make money but none of them quite embodied the vision Jenn had for Elevate.

With a dream and hope, Jenn founded Elevate to be a space of Earth-loving practices and products where everyone could come and feel included. Every hair texture, skin color, faith, gender, sexuality, and any combination has been considered when creating the space we now call home.

Our Vision: We create an elevated space of welcoming and affirming energy where clients can enjoy a safe space to explore radical self-acceptance and beauty.

Let’s break that down:

Elevated Space - in all ways we’re elevating our space. Through education, we elevate the standards of care that we hold ourselves to. Through holding space, we elevate the energies within our physical space. Through conscious consumption, we elevate how we handle our waste and the products we offer our guests. In every way we’re looking to Elevate.

Welcoming and Affirming - By creating a gender-free pricing structure nobody gets left out. You’ll never have to wonder what to book or which binary service you should choose because we’ve done away with binaries within our walls. We are confident in honing skills that allow us to work with all types of hair textures, skin types, and communities. We work with non-profit organizations that are creating space for all in the beauty and wellness industries.

Safe Space - Each member of our team is required to complete a course called Trauma Informed Care for the Caring Professional. This course walks us through creating spaces that are conscious, kind, and aware so that we can navigate our sessions through a trauma informed lens. We offer information readily and do our best to work to create a space where anyone who enters feels brave enough to be exactly who they are.

Radical Self-Acceptance and Beauty - We want each person who enters Elevate to be able to experience radical self-acceptance. In that experience we believe true beauty lies. Those who accept each part of themselves creates beauty that is unshakeable, unmoveable, and deep enough to shift their realities. We believe that beauty is more than skin deep and that when we create space for healing and acceptance we will affect our communities in meaningful ways.

We aim to keep the main thing centered and provide healing and self care integrated into every single encounter. Each time you choose to visit, we want you to feel deeply cared for and brave enough to embody exactly who you are.

We’re so grateful to our community, thank you for joining us. In our diversity we find strength, in our differences we find beautiful connections.

Welcome to Elevate.

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