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Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation : Our Evolving Understanding

Heading into the new salon space our brand will be embodying practices, like energy healing, crystal healing, card readings, and meditations.

This is new territory for me as a business owner.

I’ve received and facilitated these practices in my personal life. So exchanging money for these services has my inner voice guiding me to thoughts on cultural appropriation and the difference between appropriation and appreciation. I think we can all agree that we can appreciate what these cultures have offered us through different practices.

The question is are we exploitative when it comes to monetary gain?

I look at providing services and the energy involved as well as the training involved as an equal exchange for the energy of money. After all, money contains whatever energy we give it. But am I honoring the cultures these practices came from? What then becomes of the energy of the money exchanged for these services? I also know that money is what puts food on our table and the table of others.

I believe in the impact I’m leaving in this world and in my community and want to elevate the vibration and energy around me.

This includes the cultures that have created these beautiful practices.

This leads me to lean toward practices that come from my own heritage and understanding what I connect to the most. I’m also giving space to learn more about how we move forward by honoring the culture of others and how we avoid exploiting those cultures that have not had the privilege that my whiteness has afforded me.

You’ll notice with any of our practitioners, I’ll be asking them to create statements on how they will honor the cultures that have blessed us with these beautiful practices.

We also only source our crystals, smoke cleansing bundles, and oils from sources that are sustainable and fair trade. Any maker, vendor, or artist within the Elevate wall will also align with these practices.

As a leader, I also invite conversation around this. I believe through open communication can we do what is right for those around us that may be and are currently being and feeling exploited. This may mean we have uncomfortable conversations and I am ok with that. My comfort does not supercede the necessity of honoring and appreciating - not appropriating - cultures that are not my own.

If you feel led, please reach out with any comments, questions, or concerns to We welcome any and all commentary and education.

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