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Blowouts: The Most Underrated and Forgotten Salon Service

Did you know you can book a session for just blow drying and styling your hair?

When I've mentioned this to some of my clients, they genuinely didn't realize it was a possibility. This is a great way to consult with a new stylist!

I personally love providing a blowout for a first time client! It's not a permanent physical change and provides them a space to build trust with their stylist. It's a vibe that you catch when you find your hair artist so a blowdry may be all you need to find your fit. Hair can be so personal and sometimes you'd like to spend an hour with someone before you're in their chair for 4+ hours, right? Think of it like our first hair date. 😁

Blowouts are also a great opportunity to consult and get you prepared with products before your hair color journey.

It's such a treat to also provide this service for returning clients! There are so many benefits to blowouts that you'll definitely want to run for your first one immediately. Why do I love blowouts so much?

Low time commitment self-care

You don't have to be at the salon 3+ hours to get your hair washed and scalp massaged!! You don't have to commit to a cut, color or blonding journey just to get a little rejuvenation from the buzz of life. I love starting my blowouts with some aromatherapy and a nice scalp massage.

Intro to new Professional Products

Professional products selected by a hair care professional will be based on your hair type, texture, needs and desired finish. What you have may work, but what if you could have something that feels even better? At Elevate, we use organic, no tox hair products so you know you're getting the best quality ingredients for your hair health.

Longer time between washes

Going longer between washes leads to better color longevity! Most clients can go at least a day or two longer between washes with a blowout and the proper maintenance products. The longer between washes, the longer your color or toner will last.

Relax while we take care of the hard work

Sure, you can do a blowout yourself but just like with any profession, the pros have more experience and are faster. I've personally done enough round brush blowouts to do them in my sleep. I love giving you the smooth and voluminous hair of your dreams within an hour or less but you can also get curly hair diffused. A curl session will require more time, but you really can tailor this experience to your needs.

The biggest thing to remember is to communicate your desired end results with your stylist. We can embrace the curl or round brush it out, however best serves you.

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