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5 Lessons We Took from Earth Beat | Earth Day Festival in Kansas City | Hera Co.

For Earth Day this year we decided to take part in our very first festival and we had an incredible time! Put on by Hera Community, Earth Beat is Kansas City's first "waste-less" festival focused on businesses who are promoting earth-friendly practices. As a community we decided to attend with hopes to create connection with attendees as well as other small businesses. Our goal was to get out and talk to people and we surpassed that goal! Here are 5 lessons we take with us as we move forward from this event and look forward to more like it.

Lesson 1 - There are people like us out there!

Of course we knew this but it's so beautiful to have that belief affirmed! It was so great to interact with people who loved hearing about the way we do things here at Elevate, including our committment to sustainability through Green Circle Salons, our genderless, hourly pricing, and our low/no-tox lines.

Lesson 2 - Kansas City has some incredible businesses.

We're very biased when it comes to the businesses surrounding us in the KC Metro area with good reason. Kansas City is filled with dedicated, kind, excellent small business owners who strive every day to make our lives better. From underground dinner parties with Locavore and direct-from-the-farm food deliveries from farmer-owned The Kansas City Food Hub to handcrafted herbal products from Reishi + Rosewater, there were dozens of local businesses who shared their passion for their craft with us.

Lesson 3 - We are better and more effective in community with each other.

More than ever we're looking for new ways we can create sustainability within what we're doing. When we're focused on our day-to-day it's easy to question why we're going above and beyond and if what we're doing is going to even make a difference. When we're able to see a large group of businesses and an even larger group of people excited about those businesses, it makes us feel less alone in our pursuit of sustainability.

Lesson 4 - We can do hard things.

Doing anything for the first time is going to create some challenges! For us, this was our very first event like this ever. As a team, as a business, and as individuals...we've never done something quite like this. Even day-of, the wind and low temps made it a challenge to get our tent set up and things in order but we made it happen! Every challenge we face as a team has done nothing but made us stronger and more confident that we are capable of hard things!

Lesson 5 - Our teas are as wonderful as we think they are.

When we were planning this event we knew we wanted to include our tea experience. At Elevate we have two custom, hand-blended tea recipes crafted by me (Mal) available for our guests when they come in for their appointments. Halcyon, our uplifting blend, and Tranquil, our relaxing blend, were created with Elevate in mind to activate the senses of smell, touch, and taste. For Earth Beat we wanted to create something honoring the space that Rylie and Ellie had created to hold so many beautiful spirits together so we created Earth Beat blend. We also brought some of our loose tea packaged to sell and sold through almost all of it! Our intention was not to sell lots of items but it was a wonderful surprise that our herbal blends were so well-recieved.

From start to finish, Earth Beat was a beautiful experience that we are so grateful to have been a part of. Going forward we will remember that we are better in community, our efforts are never wasted, no matter how small, and that there are incredible humans out there who align with exactly what we're doing.

A huge thank you to Rylie and Ellie for creating this event, we can't wait to see (and help with!) what you do next.

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