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Why is my curly hair so frizzy?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Caitlin, our level two stylist at Elevate is going to give you the low down on how to manage your curly hair. If you've got natural curl and need some guidance, this blog post is for You! Have you had a chance to meet her yet?


If you’re struggling with your curly hair you might be doing something wrong throughout your styling or wash process. I’m going to break down many tips and tricks to help you achieve the perfect curly style. Let’s start off with the washing process, you want to use a cleanser that has no sulfates or parabens. Many curly products contain silicones, or waxy ingredients to make it feel like your hair is softer but over time will create a buildup that will prevent real moisture from getting to your curls. A great alternative would be New Wash from Hairstory, with no surfactants New Wash is a conditioning cleanser meaning it won’t strip your scalp of its natural oils. It will cleanse your scalp while keeping your curls hydrated.


Some of the few reasons you might notice frizz are, improper styling, touching your hair before it’s 100% dry, products filled with toxic ingredients, and not getting your hair wet enough when styling. When you’re done washing your hair you want to apply your product in the shower on your soaking wet hair, applying the product on wet hair will help eliminate frizz when your hair is dry. You either want to rake or brush your product into your hair taking small sections. I like to use a wet brush to ensure all the hair strands are evenly coated with product. Some great product choices are I Create Volume, I Create Hold, and I Create Lift from Innersense Organic Beauty. The right product for you will all depend on your curl type, texture, desired hold, and hair routine. Once your product is applied to all your hair you want to flip your hair over to squish and scrunch out some of the water, you want to hear the squish sound! After you scrunch with your hands you then want to take a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt and in a cupping, motion scrunch your hair with it, make sure to not rub the towel against your hair the friction will create frizz. Then after a few scrunches with the towel, you can flip your hair back over to either let air dry or diffuse. The most important step during this process is to NOT touch your hair anymore while it's drying, the more you touch it, the more friction it creates on your hair, resulting in frizzier curls.


When drying your hair, you want to make sure you touch it as little as possible. So, if you’re air-drying just let it be until its fully dry, or if you’re diffusing you want to hover around your hair with the diffuser and don’t touch the diffuser to your curls until you’re at least 80% dry. If you want more volume at your roots you can use metal clips at the base of your hair to lift up your roots while your hair dries. Once your hair is 100% dry you can then shake out the crunchy cast created by your products. You can flip your head over again to scrunch out some of the gel cast and even shake at your roots, make sure you don’t run your fingers through your hair, or you will mess up the curl pattern and create more frizz.

We hope this was a helpful post for guys. We are looking forward to putting out more content in the future. Comment below with any questions or anything else you guys would like to see!

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