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Who Are We
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The basics...

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How much will my appointment cost?

Your appointment will vary based on the team member you book however all of our services are...

  • Set Hourly Pricing
  • Genderless Rates
  • All-inclusive (no additional fees)
  • Gratuity-free
  • Set by each Team Member to ensure a fair rate for all
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Where are you located?

You can find Elevate Organic Salon + Spa at 5420 Johnson Drive, Mission, KS 66205 at the intersection of Johnson Drive and Nall. Parking is available in directly front of the space as well as across the street in the parking lot.

Elevate Salon + Spa (210 of 232).jpg

What services are available?

We have four main types of services available at Elevate.

  • Hair Artistry
  • Holistic Facials + Skincare
  • Massage + Herbalism
  • Energy Healing

What Do We Do?

With hourly pricing and a genderless, gratuity-free approach, we've curated a team of some of Kansas City's kindest souls to offer services for mind, body, beauty, and spirit. Finding services that feel good has never been easier.

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