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after your session

How to maintain after your massage or herbalism session.

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Move Healing Through

Massage Care

You and your Massage Therapist worked on your unique goals today. Sometimes this can create temporary discomfort in your body! Support your healing with these tips:

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the next couple of days to flush your system any any fluids that may have been moved (especially if you worked on the Lymph System).

  • Try gentle stretches in the morning, focusing on your main discomfort areas. Push only to your comfortable edge, it shoudn't hurt but you should feel it.

  • Support your system with nourishing foods.

  • Try a warm or cool bath or shower to ease discomfort (ask your massage therapist which would serve your goals!)

Our MAssage Faves

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supportive crystals

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plenty of

Commit to Home Care

integrative health care

A holistic approach requires home care! Your Integrative Health Session addressed your concerns and you left with recommendations and herbs to match your goals. Here's how you can keep the healing going:

  • Drink adequate water to help your cells hydrate and work properly

  • Eat colorful foods - lots of vitamins and minerals will support your body's natural detoxification system (love your liver!)

  • Follow the herbal protocol you were given

  • Make sure to make rest a priority!

Our integrative health faves

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Colorful foods

Plenty of water

Herbal teas


Looking for More Self Care?

With hourly pricing and a genderless, gratuity-free approach, we've curated a team of some of Kansas City's kindest souls to offer services for mind, body, beauty, and spirit. Finding services that feel good has never been easier.

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